Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Link to Single Sales Order in EBS 12

In various SSRS reports I have created, Order Number is a popular request. Rather than just display the raw Order Number, why not provide the User the ability to hyperlink to this item in EBS?

To do so doesn't require much - all you need to obtain is the Header_ID and the Order_Number fields and create a new data column using the following string concatenation in your report's SQL:

1:  SELECT <your columns as you would> ,   
2:  'http://<FQDN>:<port>/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?akRegionCode=ORDER_DETAILS_PAGE&akRegionApplicationId=660&HeaderId=' || MY.header_id || '&Order_Id=' || MY.order_number || '&addBreadCrumb=Y&oapc=2' as URL   
3:  FROM ...   
4:  WHERE ....  
<FQDN is the fully qualified domain name of your EBS server and its PORT>

Using SSRS for an example, then go to the TextBox Properties of the Order Number data item and choose the Navigation tab. Under the 'Hyperlink Action' select 'Jump to URL' and in the pull-down menu, select your URL column named in your SQL.

You may want to style the Order Number's display and make it BLUE and have it Underlined to remind the User that the item is hyperlinked as SSRS doesn't display this on default.

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