Sunday, May 15, 2016

Cary Millsap: Fail Fast

Cary Millsap: Fail Fast: Among movements like Agile , Lean Startup , and Design Thinking these days, you hear the term fail fast . The principle of failing fast is...

Find your worst bottleneck, and make it your highest priority. If you cannot solve your idea’s worst problem, then get a new idea. You’ll do yourself a favor by killing a bad idea before it kills you. If you solve your worst problem, then find the next one. Iterate. Shorter iterations are better. You’re done when you’ve proven that your idea actually works. In reality. And then, because life keeps moving, you have to keep iterating.

That’s what fail fast means. It’s about shortening your feedback loop. It’s about learning the most you can about the most important things you need to know, as soon as possible.

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