Thursday, July 7, 2016

Oracle Audit or Review?

Whether they call it a Review or something else, it feels like, looks like - an Audit. Before you fill out any forms or run any scripts on your system at Oracle's request, please seek the assistance of a third-party beforehand. The saying: "What you say can be used against you" holds true here and like having legal counsel to represent you - you will want someone to explain the process to you from the Oracle side and give you the confidence to push back.

A third-party can help you understand areas such as:

  • Your licensing inventory
  • What is installed where
  • Understanding metrics
  • Virtualization impacts
  • Mismanaged fault tolerance
  • Unintentional license misuse 

Here are some providers:

Palisade Compliance:

Madora Consulting:

I will list others as they become known. I do not endorse any of these so perform the same due diligence you would when selecting legal counsel.


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